Male Extra for that Extra mileage in Sexual Bliss

If you as a masculine person wish to improve your sexual prowess then it is surely possible with male extra pills. Gone are the days when a male person simply resigns to his fate and takes in whatever humiliation that he has to face from his partner. The simple reason that the sale of the pills has increased by leaps and bounds with steady increase in world wide demand speaks volumes about the actual results it gives to the customers.

The male organ medication or in other words bigger penis pills are the foundation for a happy sexual life as there several benefits that company’s research has revealed. For instance, the penis becomes harder, and there is better and bigger erection. Apart from that there is increased sex drive even among those who are habituated to think that they are aging and therefore the diminished sex drive is part of that process.

The most interesting factor is the all night staying power that the male extra pills give to the person after a period of continuous use as has been prescribed on the product label. Usually the pills are taken on a daily basis and you will notice the difference within a few months itself. It has been studied that pill if taken over a period of 3 to 6 months enabled an increase in penis size from 0.8 to 2.6 inches.

Salient Features

The company that produces is a well known company by the name of Marlia Health and has ten years of solid research behind it. Through dedicated and top notch research in the field of innovative health products it has grabbed the attention of all those who are in one way or the other effected by the low libido and erection problems. The company’s male extra pills are therefore among the top selling item and have captured the enthusiasm of all male irrespective of age or geographical area.

If you need to know as to how can I get harder erection then you may read on as the following details would be revealing enough for you.

The hard core research developed in this area by the company has made it possible to bring about a result oriented safe herbal product. The pill contains L. Arginine which is an essential amino acid required by the human body and helps with difficulties of erection. The next most important element is MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) which increases the flow of blood in the penis and its overall health.

The creatine element of the male extra pills helps the contraction and expansion of the penis muscle allowing its energy to remain on a higher level. The cordyceps substance in the pills helps in increasing sexual energy as well as the driving force to have sex. The zinc substance in the pills looks after the sperm health.


The male extra pills are your best bet if you have low libido. The medication has no known side effects although for results you must take the male extra pills regularly.

Can I get a bigger penis with pills?

Even if you love your man and have an otherwise happy relationship if his sex skills leave a lot to be desired it can spell trouble for your relationship.

If you find yourself lying back and counting down the minutes until it’s over the whole time and having to fake an orgasm every time you and your partner have sex, then it’s a sure-fire sign that your sex life needs some assistance.

It’s not always easy to admit that he’s just not satisfying you, not without hurting his feelings and knocking his confidence but honesty is always the best policy in the long run, pretending things are great in the bedroom when they obviously aren’t will lead to resentment and a lot of sexual frustration and possibly the end of your relationship.

Sex shouldn’t be boring. If it’s that the sex is routine, same old positions, suggest with your partner that you try something you wouldn’t usually or ask if there are any positions he would like to try. Even a small change can add spice to your sex life. Even having sex in a different room in the house can make a difference. Get out of the comfort zone and do something totally out of the ordinary. Find out what your partner likes and make him aware of your likes and dislikes, by communicating with each other your sex life will turn around. What men want and what women want can be very different, so if you don’t like something your partner does – tell him.

Can I get a bigger penis with pills?

If your partner has difficulties achieving and keeping an erection, coming too soon or not coming at all or suffers from weak ejaculations and struggles to orgasm, whatever the cause, consider the use of a male enhancement pill. Despite the doubts of male enhancement products, there are many medically approved products available that have clinically proven benefits to sexual health and can dramatically improve love-making.

MaleExtra is one highly recommended male enhancement that has a whole host of benefits that are as effective as prescription based drugs without the harmful side effects. The powerful all-natural formula containing an array of herbs and nutrients specially selected to boost male potency, virility, help to maintain strong, solid erections, promote long-lasting orgasms and improve ejaculation quality and power. MaleExtra can transform your man’s performance, effectively, safely and quickly.